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Demos Issue 10: Who do you select to be president of the United States?    Demo Note

To vote, you may keep
your current selection:
    If the name is in UPPERCASE, you must type or pick a new candidate.
Or type a candidate's name in the
box as your new current selection:
    The new current selection you type will be added to the candidates list.
Or pick a candidate from the list below. Each candidate's name link's to his or her own demos page. Pros & Cons links to debate about each candidate. Information links to standard demos information about each candidate. A name in red means the candidate is currently seated in office.
List Rank   Vote   Candidate's Name Pros & Cons Voting Record
& Other Info
Total Votes
1   Vote   Clarissa Adams Pros & Cons Information 27,263,116
2   Vote   Patrick Powers Pros & Cons Information 23,402,559
Etc.   Vote   Martin King Pros & Cons Information 13,458,221