Summary of Your Current Votes on the Demos Issues

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Issue # Issue Description Your Current Votes

Votes shown in red require updating. A candidate whose name is in UPPERCASE may have retired, withdrawn, or no longer qualifies. You must select a new candidate. Clicking the above Send Votes button updates all 12 of your votes to today's date.

Issue 1 Length of the Standard Workweek Increase
Issue 2 Minimum wage Keep as is
Issue 3 Federal tax rate Keep as is
Issue 4 Tax burden division See issue 4 page
Issue 5 Corporate tax scale See issue 5 page
Issue 6 Income tax scale See issue 6 page
Issue 7 Inheritance tax scale See issue 7 page
Issue 8 Amount of national debt or savings Decrease
Issue 9 Tax revenue allocation See issue 9 page
Issue 10 Vote for president Sarah Honest
Issue 11 Vote for a senator Joe I Fair
Issue 12 Vote for a representative FRANK R TRUTH